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Monday, March 1, 2010

Being Tagged

I am being tagged for the first time by a very dear friend Deepa. Here are my answers Deepa!
Be patient while reading it coz once I start writing i cant stop dear!:))

1. What is your current Obsession?
A. My new Nikon D90 dream camera.

2. What r u wearing today?
A. Still in my black pajamas and t shirt..

3. Whats for dinner today?
A. Dalpalak Chapati and rice with pickel and papad.

4. Whats the last thing u baught?
A. Digital camera for my Dad. Its gift for his 60th bday!

5. What are u listening to right now?
A. Tom and jerry on TV and my son is singing 

6. What do u think of the person who tagged you?
A. Deepa is a very close friend and we share similar passions and thought..similar perrsonalities..and a very enthusiastic person. She is the who inspired me to create my own blog.

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would u like it to    be?
A. In Manali.... its my dream .

8. What are ur must have pieces for summer?
A. T-shirt, cotton tops, and lemon juice with adrak and pudina and last but not least AC.

9. If you could go to anywhere in the world for next  hour , where would you go?
A. Baroda........and see my beautiful home there and my garden ...i miss it so much :((

10. Which language do u want to learn?
A.  I already know few of them including German, gujrathi, malayali , hindi, marathi, english ... can  understand little bangla and panjabi also. But i want to be more fluent in Malayalam and learn that language and also japanese n spanish. 

11. What is your favourite quote?
A. Give the world best you can , and the best will come back to u.

12.Who do u want to meet right now?
A. Hmm...difficult to answer..... so many of them...infact my whole family.

13.What is your favourite colour?
A. Black blue green red yellow ..........all of them.

14. Give us 3 styling tips that work for you.
A.  1. Wear what is comfortable for u and which u can carry off well. make ur own style statement. for me cotton rocks.
      2. No make-up atleast for me except for occasions.
      3. Get a blow dry if u wanna attend a function...nothing looks gr8 than beautiful hair!

15. What is your dream job?
A.   To make my  passion for Arts as my profession  and earn lots of money from that :))))

16.  What is your favourtite magazine?
A.    I am not in to reading magazines regularly. Once in a while i read magazines on home decor or interior designing. and yes i like to read once in a while femina or filmfare.

17. If u have 100$ now, what would u spend it on?
A.   Art material. ( sorry deepa many answers are same but then we do think alike so this was gng to happen)

18.  What do u consider fashion faux pas?
A.   I cant comment on that.

19.  Who according to u is a most over-rated style icon?
A.   Aishwarya Bacchan.

20.  What kind of hair cut do u prefer?
A.    Long straight hair just like japanesed people.

21.  What r u going to do after this?
A.    I am going for my driving class after this.

22.  What r ur favourite moovies?
A.    So many..Chiti chiti bang bang, sound of music, pretty women, walk in the clouds, father of the bride 1 and 2, Finding Nemo, Lion King, Shrek, Lamhe, all shahrukh khan's amir khan's and kajol's films, hum tum, Fanah, Tare jameen par and the list goes on......

23.  What inspires u?
A.    My Hubby is my inspiration, then friends, books, good music,  nature and rains... and yes now a days  my kids inspire me  too.

24.  What do your friends call u most commonly?
A.    Sayli..... how i wish i had a lovely pet name....:(

25. Would you prefer coffee or tea?
A.   Tea Tea and Tea!

26.  What do u do when u r feeling low or depressed?
A.    I just go out for a drive or i just put dim lights and listen to my favourite music, or just watch the photos of my kids when they were just born and i cant stop smiling.....And yes at times when i am alone and depressed i cry a lot ....i feel lighter and better!

27.  What makes u go wild?
A.    Misunderstandings, rude behaviour , bad attitude and back stabbing.

28.  Which other blogs u like visiting?
A.    All of them are gr8 and i try my best to visit them as and when possible..

29.  Favourite Desert / sweet?
A.   Jalebi and gulab jamun. But i am nt a desert lover i prefer chat items than sweet..:))

30.  Favourite season?
A.   Winter and rain.

31. If i come to ur house now,  what would u cook for me?
A.  Thalipith ... its a maharashtrian speciality.

32.  Which is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt u?
A.    I forgive them and keep behaving normally..........thats d way i am....i cant be rude to anyone.........so i  forgive and move on with my life.

33.  What are u affraid of the most?
A.    Red ants and insects.

34.   When u looked at urself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
A.     Well havent got a chance to do so since morning..... running behind my son thats what is keeping me

35.   What brings smile on ur face instantly?
A.     My kids, My hubby's PJs and a call from a family member.

36.   A word that u say a lot?
A.    Its ok dear!

37.  When was the last time u did something nice?
A.   Hmm ... cant write one single thing right now.... so many of them..........

38.  What would u do if u were made president of india for one day?
A.    Will ask them to make me prime minister for next day! jokes apart.... first thing i will do is pass a law     which states the minimum educational qualification required to stand in elections ............ we need highly qualified individuals to run the country not any tom dick and harry like rabdi devi. If our country is in safe hands no one can stop us from growing!

39.  Do u know who Master SHIFU is?
A.    No I didnt till now. but i googled it and now i know!

I inturn tagg my friend.


deepazartz said...

Wonderful to know you MORE dear:)
Ya, I know some answers will be the same...I totally understand that:)))
And some answers, after reading yours, I feel is so much me...which I misd to write and didn't feel like elaborating at that time.Now I feel I shud have:)))

Thanks for doing the tag, my friend!

deepazartz said...

Hey Sayli

There's something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do chk it out:)


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