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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My creations in Photo shop.

this photo is a view out side my window and i used some photoshop stuff and created this.

this just another landscape picture.

And These are my Awesome kids... Neil and Malhar as superman

This is Ash my wonderful sister dressed for Halloween party... and i couldn't resist after seeing her look and i created this.

This is a picture of flower and i worked with it.

The next one to come is the super women ... i am yet to finish on that. will upload soon.

My experiments with Potoshop.

I am trying to experiment with photo shop these days. well studying graphic design @ Arena multimedia is proving to be a right decision. i think i should have done this long back but ... its better late than never.
photo shop , I feel is like ocean and there is so much learn everyday......still u r never finished with it... keep on experimenting and u wl get something new.
I wl also study Illustrator and In-page designing.
i am really excited about this thing .. after a gap of 10 years i am learning something new and something i wanted to learn for years ..... this happiness is giving boost to my creativity i feel.
it was always there in me but it was hidden somewhere for past few years..........now i feel i am really going to use all of it and go ahead with my dreams...
wish me luck!

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