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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Landscape!

This is my first Landscape ... I did it in my artclass..I have used acrylic colours in water colour style.
I was so excited doing it... as this one is my first landscape. I have done warli paintings ( Indian Tribal Form of Art), glass paintings and murals before, but never experimented with acrylic colours on canvas.
This may not be perfect but is very close to my heart. I enjoyed painting the water most.
And green is one of my favourite colour.

I have not named it yet.
so here it goes .....



deepazartz said...

Hi Sayli...me first!!

Ya its working and your art is exquisite. The first one is always dear to heart, right? It's really good. The green is goegeous. I love green...the color of nature, prosperity and abundance:)

Sayli said...

Thanks a lot deepa.... u r my inspiration!
yes u r right about green.......colour of nature!

deepazartz said...

Hey Sayli...I'll surely do an atc for you...you didn't notice that was already asked by Margaret...so will make a new one for you,ok?

Hope today was good. Lets see how tomo' turns out:)

Good nite!

deepazartz said...

OOOOO! I just saw the 'inspiration' part! I am so honored that you think that!!!

I feel like I am levitating:)

Sayli said...

yes deepa no problem i am also planing to make Atcs .. i dont know when i will complete it but i am surely gng to do that.......i loved this concept.
tday will surely be good as started my day with ur phone... and i really enjoy talking to you dear! have a gr8 day!

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